Miyazaki Wagyu A4 Yakiniku เนื้อมิยาซากิ วากิว A4 ยากินิคุ

รหัสสินค้า: CMBE07108701 105588801121

558.88 ฿



At the most prestigious Wagyu Beef competition in Japan, held every 5 years and affectionately referred to as the "Olympics of Wagyu Beef", Miyazaki Beef won the Prime Minister's Award three consecutive times - a feat that earned Miyazaki Beef the revered title of "top spot in Japan" for a staggering 15 years. As a result, Miyazaki Beef is highly-prized within Japan and its calves are highly sought-after by producers of brand cows to raise in other regions. This Miyazaki Wagyu A4 Yakiniku is cut at 0.5-0.7cm thickness, weighing approximately 150g/pack, and is available frozen.