Kagoshima Wagyu A4 Rib Kaburi Shabu Shabu คาโกชิม่าวากิว ริบ คารูบิ A4 ชาบู ชาบู 200g/pack

รหัสสินค้า: CMBE02102804 106910110000

1,100.00 ฿


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Experience the sumptuous pleasure of Kagoshima Wagyu A4 Rib Kaburi Shabu Shabu. The mouthwatering outer-rim of the prime rib roast, The ribeye cap is an exquisite part of the traditional ribeye steak. Soft, spongy layers of muscle fibers, carefully connected with minimal connective tissue, are penetrated with marbling fat that melts with each touch of heat. Not just any fat, but rib eye fat - savor the exquisite Shabu Shabu!