Kagoshima Wagyu A4 Misuji Yakiniku เนื้อคาโกชิม่าวากิว มิซูจิ A4 ตัดยากินิคุ 220-240g/pack

รหัสสินค้า: CMBE02109102 106760110000

1,100.00 ฿



Kagoshima Wagyu are renowned for their exceptional quality thanks to the region's sunny climate and natural landscape. Noted for their tenderness and full-bodied flavor, the meat also features well-balanced fat marbling throughout its muscle fibers. The Misuji or Oysterblade steak offers tantalizing flavor, and is almost as tender as fillet with a fat coverage running along the outside that helps keep it juicy during cooking. This cut weighs 230g/pack and is frozen.