Oita Wagyu A5 Rib Kaburi Shabu Shabu เนื้อโออิตะวากิว ริบ คารูบิ A5 ชาบู ชาบู 200g/pack

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The Rib Kaburi or Ribeye Cap is the glorious outer-rim of the prime rib roast. It is, to many minds, the best corner of a traditional ribeye steak on the plate. 

The meat of the cap is, well, loose. Spongy, almost. It has layers of muscle fibers that are bound together with almost no connective tissue. The cut is shot-through with marbling fat that melts like butter when cooked, and it’s not just any fat, either. It’s rib eye fat.

-Shabu Shabu Slice 0.2mm

- Approx. 200g/pack