La Huître FINE DE CLAIRE n°2 Oyster by David Herve หอยนางรมฝรั่งเศสสด La Huître FINE DE CLAIRE n°2 by David Herve

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The Fine De Claire is a classic for seafood platters, recognized by casual and discerning diners alike for its salty flavors. David Hervé, driven by professional experience and a love of competition, created the 'Sharing the Exception' motto for his company. In 1995, he modernized the “Pousse en Claire” method, a traditional farming approach used by his grandfather since 1939, involving meticulous selection and raising of oysters in clear water for 6-8 months at a rate of 1.5 oysters per m2. Size No.2, with 8-10% flesh volume relative to total weight, this oyster is air-flown fresh and should be kept chilled.