Hokkaido Tokachi Nobels Herb Beef Rib Kaburi Yakiniku 250g/pack เนื้อฮอกไกโด โทคาชิ โนเบลส์ เฮิร์บ ริป คารูบิ ยากินิคุ 250g/pack

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Nobels Herb Beef derived from cattle born & bred in Hokkaido - blessed with rich nature & carefully nurtured. Produces sweet flavor & rich body due to marbling of Japanese Black Beef & well-fleshing genes of Holstein. Rib Kaburi or Ribeye Cap - the best corner of a ribeye steak - spongy with layers of muscle fibers, shot-through with marbling fat that melts like butter. Yakiniku Slice 0.5cm, Frozen, 250g/pack.