Kagoshima Wagyu A4 Rib Kaburi Yakiniku คาโกชิม่าวากิว ริบ คารูบิ A4 ยากินิคุ 250g/pack

รหัสสินค้า: CMBE02102805 106920120000

804.00 ฿ 1,200.00 ฿ ประหยัด 396 ฿


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 Experience the pinnacle of flavor with our Wagyu A4 Rib Kaburi Yakiniku! With the classic ribeye cap, it boasts layers of succulent muscle fibers, marbled to perfection with rib eye fat that melts like butter when cooked. For the ultimate experience, you can choose the Yakiniku Slice of 0.5cm and have 250g/pack of our frozen cut - the perfect addition to any plate!