Kobe Gyu A4 Ribeye Steak เนื้อโกเบ ริบอาย สเต็ค A4

3,141.60 ฿ 4,488.00 ฿

-Among  purebred Tajima-Gyu cows, only the chosen few will satisfy specific quality  criteria to deserve the title "Kobe Gyu"

-Authentic, traceable Kobe Gyu 

-Imported by The Foodworks, as an authorized importer

-Strip Loin End Cut comes from the hip end of short loin. Due to where this cut is located, Strip Loin End Cut tends to have more connective tissues but have equally marvelous marbling and high yield as to other section of strip loin.

-Steak cut, 1.5cm thickness