Frais Devant Bio Organic Assiette d'Ajaccio แฮมหมู ออร์แกนิค เฟร์ เดอแวงท์ แอสเซตเต ดาอัจจิโอ 90g/pack

450.00 ฿

SKU: 10543

Three flagship products make up this “Assiette d'Ajaccio”. All made from organic French raw materials and handcrafted, they represent the jewels of island gastronomy. An innovative discovery with subtle and varied flavors that will accompany your aperitifs with friends!

Nutritional values ​​per 100g: 

250 Kcal - 1046 Kj - 25.80 g of protein - 16.20 g of fat - 7 g of saturated fatty acids - 0.5 g of carbohydrates including 0 g of sugar - 5.20 g of salt

    Weight : 100g/pack

    Origin : France

    Storage : Chilled