Tessier Huître SELECTION n°4 Oyster หอยนางรมฝรั่งเศสสด Tessier Huître SELECTION n°4 (24 pcs/box)

Tessier Oysters matures in oysters’ beds in Artouan marsh, south of Marennes d’Oléron, in France. Fabrice Tessier is a reputed oysterfarmer. He inherited his passion for oystersfrom his own family. For five generations his ancestors nurtured oysters and they handed him over their experience and their know-how.

Oysters are first cultivated on the Atlantic coast and then mature in oysters’ beds in the heart of Artouan Marsh. The Fine Selection is not veryfleshy and the variety of the sizes available.

-Wooden Box of 24 pcs

-Size No.4, net weight approx. 60g/piece.

-Air-Flown Fresh